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What Our Patients Say in Ocala, FL

He delivered my 24 year old daughter and then 11 years after I had her he delivered my son so now my son it's fixing to be 14 and my daughter is fixin to be 25 if I ever have a baby again dr.nagda would be the only one that I would go to but I'm thankful I can't have anymore kids he's the best.
- Shannon F.
I have been his patient for 27 yrs he is truly a awesome doctor. When I was pregnant with my Hunter in 2002 he heard a extra heart beat so he sent me to shands for a high level sonogram which was fine well lets say 8 yrs later Hunter had a surgery for WPW yes extra conductor in his heart that Dr Nagda did hear but a machine said he was fine. Thank God we found it for this is known to kill. So when he speaks please listen! God Blessed me with him!
- Tiffany V.
Dr. Nagda is the only one I will allow to cut me open and deliver my babies. He does an awesome job during pregnancy, surgery and afterwards. He has excellent bed side manors
- Victoria T.